Bands/Artists, The Moment Easily Missed in Live Shows

I posed two questions recently through social media and to my personal contacts.

One, what would you do with an extra $1500? The majority answered they would book studio time. (Cocaine and hookers were not an option.)

So I asked, where do you make the most sales of your recorded music? The overwhelming majority answered at live show merchandise tables.

When I start thinking about going to a show (of any size) these days, and think of the audience, what they are doing, and why are they here of all places… Some talking, most listening, some dancing or grooving, and some on their phones. There is no getting around the social aspect of going out, and just because your band starts playing it doesn’t mean that all the attention in the room is going to be on you and your craft.

Here’s what I want bands to think about. You have a website like everyone else… but there is a moment in your live show that we need to look at and design (or redesign) your presentation around. What is that moment? That moment is right when a person connects to the free wifi of the house.

So bands, imagine if you will, that the venue has a splash/landing/home page that they keep updated, and that you could to slap an ad-ready image link right on it. Where would you have the link go… to your website? Wrong answer, your website is probably too “busy” and will loose this type of viewer. You need to think stream lined… a page specifically made for live events.

What would this page look like? Well, I see a Facebook “like” button, I see a free song download in exchange for an email address. I see a link to your available on site merchandise, and possibly even your set list and lyrics. I can also see other possibilities for certain groups/types of music in the Oculous Rift future.

Why would this be to your advantage?

First off, you have a shot at grabbing attention before they get lost in the web while waiting around for the music to start.

You have a chance to grow your email list, and up your Facebook like count, right there on the spot. You can then use your email list to promote your shows, offer discounted downloads, show off new merchandise, get an initial bump in views on any videos you put out…You also give the audience a chance to know your music better with access to lyrics.

It will be better to say… “Just connect to (venue) homepage right now and click our link” rather then “It’s available on our website” that folks aren’t going to sit there and type in to the browser. (Clicks are good, drunk typing is bad.) This promotes action to be taken now.. false immediacy works very well.

If this sounds like a good opportunity to you, I would love to work with you to make this happen with venues in your area. I am currently working with venues in my area to organize their networks to better utilize the point of connection moment.

Send me a message,




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